My website is down! (My ip address is blocked.)

Are you trying to visit your website and cpanel hosting control panel and webmail and it looks like everything is down and not working?  Do you see any of these error messages?

This site can’t be reached
Cannot connect
Connection timed out
The remote host or network may be down.

It's possible you are being blocked by your server's security system (firewall).

First let's verify your website is actually working correctly on the server by using an online "proxy" browser to visit your website: 

(Click one of the links above and enter your website's domain name into the proxy browser navigation form.  The proxy browser will go to your website and show you the results.)

If you can see your website with the proxy browsers above, then your website and email and everything on your hosting server is working correctly with no problems.  (Don't worry, everyone else can see your website and your email is still being received.)

However, your ip address is blocked by your server's security system, and so it looks like your website is down for you, since you can't connect to your server.

An ip address block typically happens if someone with your ip address has failed an email account login or cpanel account login too many times.  The security system thinks someone is trying to hack into your account, and so it blocks the "attacking" ip address to stop the hacker from being able to access your server.)

If your ip address is blocked, just submit a new helpdesk ticket and let us know your ip address.  You can find your ip address here:

Then our technicians will immediately check your server's security system, unblock your ip address, and explain why it was blocked (so you can fix the problem that caused the block).

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